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Data conversion

Do you have a lot of data and do you want to migrate or convert it to meet the requirements of your work environment or processes? GMS is the digitization specialist. With our years of experience in the field of digitization, we can connect your data seamlessly to your work processes.

Our roadmap for data conversion


Before we start the data conversion process, we will discuss the source data and the desired output format with you. We also discuss your requests and requirements in detail. We involve our specialists, each of whom provides input from his or her own discipline.


GMS makes a special plan for every project. It is essential, especially when it comes to data, to properly frame the project, including the customer’s requests and requirements. Data, quality, agreements and deadlines are processed in this phase.


Our programmers get to work based on the requirements set forth in the project plan. They ensure that all of your requests and requirements are implemented. After the first delivery, a test and evaluation phase follows in which we discuss the output with you. After approval or adjustment, we can then convert the remaining data for you.


The data is processed and delivered to the client according to the established requests and requirements, so that it seamlessly matches your work processes.

Source data

Data comes in many different shapes and sizes; therefore, the data conversion process is always customised.

In order to achieve good data conversion, it is necessary to read the source data carefully. These can be (purchased) reference files, but they can also be more complex material from different companies and systems, each of which has its own storage method.

To ensure that the data fits seamlessly with your data structure, it is important that every source is properly assessed and tested on the data specifications you require. Our advisers are ready to advise you on this process.

Data structure

After the source data has been assessed, the desired data structure will be discussed with you. We include validation checks, mandatory fields, formatting and structures, so that we can determine whether the data meets your requests and requirements during the process.

We also think with you about what to do with data that does not meet your specifications and how we can make this data workable. Our advisers are ready to advise you on this process.

Quality and reliability

The reliability of the data is essential for the data conversion process. The converted data must connect seamlessly with your business processes. Reliability of the data is thus essential.

Testing reliability can become complex, especially when it comes to multiple sources. GMS specialises in reliability testing.