Collection of magazines are digitally accessible

The Antwerp MoMu is dynamic! MoMu surprises its visitors with new exhibitions every year. Material from the many collections is used to tell the story of a designer or present a special theme.


MoMu has a large store of information from which these new collections have emerged. Much information is held in MoMu’s archive of large collections. One of these consists of a large set of magazines comprising thousands of booklets and tens of thousands of pages of valuable information covering the history of various periods and designers.


As part of the large-scale ‘Europeana Fashion’ event, MoMu has elected to make this collection of magazines digitally accessible. You can view the whole collection on the website.


The digitization of the magazines had been awarded to GMS after a careful [tendering]procedure. GMS developed in detail the procedures for digitizing the magazine collection. GMS has taken into account the various factors that hamper digitization, such as a tight binding, permeable paper, and bad print quality.

GMS used its self-developed digitization equipment to meet the requirements. Thanks to this equipment, GMS could ensure an optimal digitization.

If you wish to know more about this project, please approach us.

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