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Large formats

Maps, atlases, and prints are prime examples of historical sources that have one thing in common: they come in exceptionally large formats. GMS digitizes historical material in large formats for many city archives and cultural institutions.

The digitalization of archives


Before we start the digitization process, we inventory the collection. We discuss the wishes and requirements in detail. We involve our specialists in the process, all of whom provide their input based on their respective disciplines.

2Project plan

After making inventory, we draw up a project plan tailored to the project at hand. Each project is different and so is every project plan. This will be done in consultation with the client.


After the approval of both parties, we will start digitizing. GMS supervises the digitization by doing either a random check or a 1:1 check. GMS has developed an integrated checking procedure to prevent the occurrence of digitization errors.


The digitized files will be edited and incorporated in a report according to the wishes and requirements of the client. The source materials will be returned on the agreed-upon date together with the digitized files.


Large formats were quite common in the past. The material is often more than a hundred years old and is therefore vulnerable. Precision and carefulness are required during digitization. GMS can choose from various tailor-made setups when dealing with vulnerable materials that have historical value. We are, as a result, capable of scanning and digitizing large/enormously-sized drawings, photos, cards, posters, and paintings.


GMS has got several mechanism to scan and digitize large formats. Our specialists look at each historical item carefully and decide which method of digitization is best for that item. Digitization of almost all kinds of formats, concerning the size an thickness, is possible with the available equipment. Does your organisation have vulnerable large formats? Let us know.