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Digitizing personnel files

Every organisation has them: personnel files. Physical records containing a variety of personal information about employees. With the advent of e-HRM solutions, scanning, digitizing and linking these files is a step that many organisations have already taken. A proven success.

The digitalization of archives


Before we start the digitization process, we inventory the collection. We discuss the wishes and requirements in detail. We involve our specialists in the process, all of whom provide their input based on their respective disciplines.

2Project plan

After making inventory, we draw up a project plan tailored to the project at hand. Each project is different and so is every project plan. This will be done in consultation with the client.


After the approval of both parties, we will start digitizing. GMS supervises the digitization by doing either a random check or a 1:1 check. GMS has developed an integrated checking procedure to prevent the occurrence of digitization errors.


The digitized files will be edited and incorporated in a report according to the wishes and requirements of the client. The source materials will be returned on the agreed-upon date together with the digitized files.

Analogue personnel files

Personnel files are part of a typically dynamic archive. The files are often consulted by the HR department and information is frequently changed or added. However, in many cases the information that is added, is already digitally generated. This creates a physical as well as a digital personnel archive. In fact, this means double the work and therefore inefficiency.

Digital personnel files

Digital personnel files offer a solution. We fully integrate all information into your e-HRM solution through digitization. This saves you a lot of time and therefore money. GMS has carried out various business cases involving a Return On Investment (ROI) of 1 year. GMS takes care of the integration of the files with every type of system.

We can digitize the files for you in any format you require. As a single file, per tab, and even at the document level. This way you can be sure of a perfect digital personnel file that matches your organisation and working method.


The handling of personnel files must be confidential. After all, this is personal and confidential information.

GMS has professional secured archive depots where the physical files are stored during the process. We are also ISO 27001 certified, the standard for information security. This means that we guarantee that all your information, both physical and digital, will not be leaked or lost. For the security aspect of the digital files, GMS has an internal policy which we would be happy to discuss with you in a non-binding conversation.