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Documents and files

GMS is your partner for digitizing documents. New working methods are a topical theme within governments and companies. An important condition for the new way of working is that all information is digitally accessible anytime, anywhere. GMS contributes to this by digitizing documents and files. We digitize your documents and files in such a way that we can deliver them to you in a perfect format.

The digitalization of files and documents

1Project plan

GMS draws up a special project plan for every project. The project plan is of great importance for the project, especially when dealing with the digitization of files and documents since it records every requirement and wish. Dates, appointments, and deadlines will be incorporated into this plan.

2Assessment of source materials

We will inventory and transport the material in consultation with the client. The appointments will be confirmed once again and any other necessary adjustments will be made before the start of digitization.

3Execution and substitution

GMS will start the project when this is agreed upon, and will proceed to digitize the source materials in accordance with the requirements. Extra content, quality and indexing checks will be done to meet the substitution requirements. GMS is one of the few specialists that can meet the strict substitution requirements.

4Indexing, structuring and completion

The indexing process is of great importance when scanning files and document archives. The generated index facilitates direct availability and accessibility of the archive, and these are highly desirable capabilities. GMS makes this possible thanks to a good indexing procedure.

Choose to digitize your documents

Why is digitizing documents a wise choice? We are happy to explain that to you. In addition to saving space for your archive, you also protect your documents against fire and water damage. However, the main reason for digitization is the efficiency you achieve. Did you know that you can consult your digital documents quickly? This is quite different from needing to search the bookshelves for the correct document.

Quality assurance for your documents

Digitizing and scanning documents is a special profession; a trade in which GMS has acquired a great deal of knowledge in recent years. Within our organisation you will find several professionals who will always find the right solution for your company. We look beyond creating a nice scan. Have you chosen us to digitize your documents? Then we guarantee the best quality for your entire project. Want to know more? Then call +31 (0) 78 69 31 300.