About GMS

An opinionated club of driven specialists - that is how we can briefly describe GMS. Or a close family company exhibiting the professionalism required to assist big and small clients.

Do you wish to develop equipment, software and workflows completely in-house? We won’t say no to that! With this approach we can take control of all facets of a digitization project and surpass others in quality assurance and efficiency. Innovation is our strength and is what drives us daily. Our ambition is not to be the biggest, but the best…

With over 38 years of experience we have become just pure experience. We are one of the few parties that meet the quality requirements of the Dutch Royal Library’s Metamorfoze programme. In addition, we are specialists in the field of substitution scanning and high-speed document scanning.

We operate from our location in Alblasserdam and from diverse client locations. We are also active throughout Europe.

When they visit our location, our clients often comment on the immense dedication shown by all of our employees. We are very glad to hear that and it makes us properly proud, because these are the qualities that make the difference!

Our history

  • April 1982

    Founder Cees Groenendijk with roots in the reprographic sector decides to start a business in the midst of an economic crisis. A name was quickly invented for the new firm and was submitted to the Kamer van Koophandel (Dutch Chamber of Commerce): GMS, which stands for Groenendijk Microfilm Service. An old and uninhabitable building at Kinderdijk becomes the first headquarters for GMS.

  • November 1995

    After grow and several relocations, Cees Groenendijk decides to built a future-proof company building. GMS expands her activities this same year. GMS invests in scanners. GMS can microfilm and digitize because of that, at this point.

  • March 2000

    The rise of digitization is explosive. GMS continues to invest heavily in new knowledge and equipment to keep satisfying customer demand. Founder Cees Groenendijk decides to phase out microfilm, thus making way for the onrush of digitization.

  • February 2007

    Bram Groenendijk, current CEO of GMS and son of the founder Cees Groenendijk, starts working at GMS with the intention of familiarizing himself with all the facets of the organisation - on the job, of course.

  • June 2016

    The completely self-developed online service platform LiveTrace offers detailed insight in the project progress and provides optimal project management. Talk about Project Management!

Our certificates

GMS is certified for information security (ISO 27001), quality management (ISO 9001) and environment management (ISO 14001). Doing our work in a socially responsible and sustainable manner is important to us!

  • GMS and quality

    We stand for quality, not only because we have a ISO9001 certified Quality Management system, but also because quality is in our DNA. The ISO9001 certificate is splendid and objective proof that our quality standards are all-encompassing and not limited to making beautiful scans.

  • GMS and information security

    Your information stays your information at GMS. Information security is also part of our quality awareness. Meticulousness, safety, and integrity at GMS are integral part of all our work processes. All of our internal information security procedures have been laid down in an Information Security Management System.

  • GMS and the environment

    Working in an environmentally conscious manner is normal for us, even if it costs a bit more. We have set the bar high for ourselves by formulating ambitious environmental preservation goals in our ISO14001 certified Environment Management System.

I plead for one document that is accessbile whenever and wherever. Wheter you're at the office or on a production platform.

Gerard van Beveren - Document Controller ENGIE

Our people

Bram Groenendijk

Bram Groenendijk - Bram Groendijk is the CEO of GMS. He is responsible for the general matters inside of the organisation.

Cees Groenendijk

Cees Groenendijk - Cees is active in the field of relation management for our Cultural Heritage customers.

Lianne Groenendijk

Lianne Groenendijk - Lianne is the account manager and is, among other things, responsible for visiting clients and maintaining client relations. She will professionally explain the process of digitization of your archive.
Fred Voordendag

Fred Voordendag

Fred Voordendag - Fred is the Operations Manager at GMS. He ensures the proper coordination between people, methods, and resources so as to complete projects correctly and on time.

Ronald Krabbendam

Ronald Krabbendam - Ronald Krabbendam is a project manager and your contact person for your ongoing projects. He has a prominent leading role and ensures that client wishes are translated to the correct result. His personal aim is to make of every project a thing of beauty which delivers great results.

Ruud Swart

Ruud Swart - Ruud is responsible for client visits and maintaining contacts with the clients. Besides, Ruud is the contact person regarding international activities. He will help you with enthusiasm and expertise.
Nelleke Noordergraaf

Daisy Goedhart

Daisy Goedhart - Daisy is the internal services sales assistant. She supports sales and internal activities. Service orientation is her passion and she will gladly answer all of your questions.

Hans Dubbeldam

Hans Dubbeldam - Hans is responsible for the financial activities. Besides he assists the management team with policy and human resources activities.
Thomas Daling

Thomas Daling

Thomas Daling - Thomas serves on project base for the internationalisation of GMS. Besides, he is responsible for 'data processing'. Thomas is glad to share his expertise with you.
Sanne Klos

Sanne Klos

Sanne Klos - Sanne has worked as a scan operator at GMS for one year. Since September 2018, she has been working as a Marketing Assistant. Sanne is, among other things, responsible for the maintenance of the website and the organisation of campaigns and events.

Melanie Blokland

Melanie Blokland - Melanie works as Project Controller at the GMS project office. She is, among other things, responsible for the financial-administrative aspects of the project portfolio. She also assists the project manager in logistical planning and other practical matters.

Kevin Smidt

Kevin Smidt - Kevin Smidt graduated as a professional photographer. At GMS, Kevin has been working in the department for the digitization of the Dutch cultural heritage since 2013. Besides configuring equipment, Kevin also conducts various research projects in the technical imaging area.

Marja Verloop

Marja Verloop - Marja is the preservation officer at GMS. She has completed a formal education provided by the National Archive. Marja is an expert on the care of materials and advises operators on how to safely digitize old, unique, and vulnerable material. In addition Marja performs internal quality checks and audits.

Martijn Stam

Martijn Stam - Martijn is, as manager of Research & Development, responsible for innovation within GMS. He is responsible for, among other things, the development of the following: our tracking and tracing ‘LiveTrace’ app, frameworks for automatic image processing, (substitution) scanning processes, and the processing of metadata.

Our approach

GMS has been active in the archiving market for over 30 years. We started in the microfilm business, but have evolved into an organisation specialized in archive digitization. Quality is always our priority in our project approach.


Tight and clear project management
If you trust us with your projects, then for us it is important for you to be able to do so without a care in the world. Communication with us will always be channelled via one contact person, who will coordinate and document all project details. When your primary project manager is sick or absent, GMS guarantees that a substitute will always take over.

Personal logistical management
GMS has transported many valuable and confidential collections throughout the years, entirely under its own management. We have access to specially equipped vehicles and transportation resources. Our vehicles can also be localised in real-time with GPS.

Optimal insight into the process with LiveTrace
We have developed our own Track-and-Trace solution completely in-house. This solution can give you a 24/7 insight into the progress of the project. In this way we can provide a very detailed insight into our process.

We store the archive collections in a heavily secured, fire resistant (90 minutes), and climate regulated repository. In addition, the entire building is protected by an anti-theft system, fire detectors, and water sensors. These are all connected to an external alarm centre for 24/7 reporting. We have an emergency plan and an emergency agreement with VAN WAARDE. Finally, we are covered by a liability insurance as well as a transport insurance.


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