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Digitizing drawings is very important. Drawings are often an essential part of archives. Whether it concerns maintenance contracts or new production; drawings from the archive often come in handy. That is the reason why scanning and digitizing a drawing archive is important.

Our roadmap for digitizing drawings

    Digitize and scan drawings

    A customer told us that she regularly had to reinvent the wheel, because drawings were missing. An extreme example, but often the harsh reality. The importance of a well-managed drawing archive is substantial and that is why the digitization of drawings is also important. You protect your drawings against the risk of fire and water damage. Even more importantly: you guarantee proper, centralised organisation of all your drawings so that they can be easily located. It is no longer possible for drawings to get lost or disappear.

    Digitize and scan construction files

    Many drawings are related to building permits. GMS is an experienced player in the digitization of drawings. We have digitized for Shell, DAF Trucks and many other organisations. More information can be found on the special page ‘Digitizing construction files’.

    Knowledge and quality

    Many drawings are very detailed. Pencil marks, notes and numbers are often handwritten on drawings. It is essential that this information can be found after digitization. GMS has high-end scanning equipment, with which all details are made visible. Our specialists digitize all sizes of drawings, from A4 to A0 +.

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