What can LiveTrace mean for you?

By: Martijn Stam on 21 June 2019

LiveTrace is an internally developed service platform that contributes to the optimization of our services. You can compare LiveTrace to the ‘track-and-trace’ service for postal packages. The client is always up-to-date of the project with LiveTrace, the status of the project is traceable on file level.

Carefree informed about your project

GMS understands that your organisation wants to be informed about the digitization project, no matter what kind of project it might be. GMS values a clear insight and transparency, so those are values that we prioritize. The whole process of the project will be shown immediately in LiveTrace when your organisation starts a project at GMS. In this way you have got 24/7 insight. Because LiveTrace is connected to a username and password, access can be possible for multiple people.

From arrival until departure

GMS imports a transport list per shipment in LiveTrace. In that way it is possible to update the status on file level during the process of digitization. LiveTrace creates a clear overview of the status of the files. Your company stays for example informed of the arrival and departure of the files. Another thing that is possible, is that you can see for each file if it is scanned or ready for departure. LiveTrace is available for industrial and cultural heritage projects. The whole process from transport until digitization and postprocess work of your archive is 24/7 available for insight. Very reassuring for you as a customer.

Registration of work activities

The list with the file numbers will be updated during the process. The activities get added into LiveTrace by GMS. Moreover, there is an automatic logbook that keeps track of the digital and physical retrievals. GMS periodically sends this logbook to your organisation. All the output of LiveTrace gets exported to an Excel file. Next, the file will be sent to you with the relevant shipment. Besides the registration of the activities, the names of the employees get registered as well. Moreover, irregularities get registered. So, the activities can get connected to an employee. In this way we can focus and adjust possible irregularities.

List of all advantages of LiveTrace:

  • Insight in the whole process (on file level)
  • Immediately insight in de digitization process
  • 24/7 insight
  • Insight for multiple people
  • Insight into the status
  • Insight into location
  • Periodic insight in logbook
  • Overview of the irregularities


Martijn Stam Martijn is, as manager of Research & Development, responsible for innovation within GMS. He is responsible for, among other things, the development of the following: our tracking and tracing ‘LiveTrace’ app, frameworks for automatic image processing, (substitution) scanning processes, and the processing of metadata.

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