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Data Entry

Outsourcing the entire digitization process to GMS helps you to save considerably on costs and, in many cases, increases the reliability of your data.

Why outsource data entry?

1) Make your fixed costs variable.

You pay a pre-agreed price per document or per entered character, so you only pay for what you purchase. This means that there are no fixed costs. When you choose GMS, you also save a lot on the characters that need to be entered. You save by combining data entry with our specialised OCR software.

2) Make more time available for your core activities.

Processing data manually is time consuming. By outsourcing your data entry activities to GMS, more time is available for your core activities. This allows your staff to concentrate on their core tasks again.

3) Respond faster to a changing offer.

Digitize a large project, without a peak load for your own employees! Your employees can focus on their core tasks, while we digitize your project for you. By outsourcing data entry, your employees are not burdened with it, but immediately benefit from the scalability of outsourcing.

4) Increase your productivity through faster access to important information.

Efficient processing of your documents gives you quick access to your information. As a result, your workflows are fed faster and your information is available quickly. So, you benefit directly from the speed gains of outsourcing.

5) Get more out of your document flows.

Care and attention are given to the quality of the imports. By setting quality standards and adding controls according to our requirements, we can achieve high quality. This ensures that your information is reliable.

Carefree outsourcing data entry to GMS

1) Quality and reliability

Quality is of paramount importance at GMS. With our years of experience in the field of digitization, we have highly experienced employees. Our employees are trained in achieving high quality and speed in processing your data.

We supplement this with various quality control methods. For example, we guarantee increased quality by adding the following controls:

  • Double Data entry: your (key) words are entered double (blindly) by different employees. If both entries do not match, this will be presented to a third employee for verification.
  • Reference tables: if your data is entered based on reference tables, we can minimise the allowed data, which can correct errors.
  • Visual control: by having a second employee visually check the entered text, we avoid errors.

The high quality makes your information more reliable.

2) Security and confidentiality

Protecting your data is fundamental to us. Our employees treat all data with the utmost confidentiality. In addition, we take strict security measures when accessing, storing and sending both digital and paper documents and information.

Our roadmap for data entry


Before we start the data-entry process, we inventory the source documents. We also discuss your requests and requirements in detail. We involve our specialists, each of whom provides input from his or her own discipline.


GMS makes a special plan for every project. It is essential, especially when it comes to files and documents, to properly frame the project, including the customer’s requests and requirements. Dates, appointments and deadlines are processed in this phase.


GMS digitizes in accordance with the agreed quality standards. When agreed, GMS implements the project in accordance with these quality standards. Additional checks on content and quality are carried out to meet the agreed quality standards.


The digitized data is processed in accordance with the requests and requirements and delivered to the client, so that it seamlessly matches your work processes.

Manual indexing

Entering data manually, in other words data entry, is a labour-intensive process. This takes a lot of time and can therefore entail high costs. This can be done much more efficiently.

That is why GMS only indexes if the structure of archival documents is subject to interpretation, or if information cannot be automatically recognised by OCR. Our data indexing staff have the knowledge and skills to do this correctly.

Automatic indexing

If an archive is generic and the characteristics can be recognised automatically based on OCR technology, it is possible to apply automatic indexing.

Thanks to our advanced software, we can digitize your data by combining automatic text recognition with data entry. This makes it possible to offer a very cost-effective solution.

Processing all types of documents and data

We have decades of experience in processing a wide variety of document types.

Various automatic verification methods can be applied to optimise and guarantee quality.

Some examples of documents and data we process:

  •  Archives
  • Administrative documents
  • Personnel files
  • Cultural heritage
  • Patient records