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The Dutch government launched the Metamorfoze programme to prevent the deterioration of the Dutch cultural heritage. The programme is oriented towards the preservation of cultural heritage.

Digitalization of Metamorfoze quality

1Project plan

GMS has been involved from day one with Metamorfoze and has a lot of experience in the execution of these projects. As a result, GMS knows all that is required to achieve the Metamorfoze level of quality. GMS drafts a complete project plan describing every step to be followed. This project plan is very detailed.

We also describe the interplay between you as a client, the Dutch Royal Library and GMS, as well as when there will be deliveries to the Dutch Royal Library and what your and our role will be.

2Inventory and intake

GMS lists the material and determines the requirements and wishes stipulated by Metamorfoze. GMS understands the client's expectations. The material will be cleared [for scanning] after consultation with and approval of, the client.

3Execution of Metamorfoze

Depending on the material, we digitize it as described in the project plan. GMS developed a separate verification process specially tailored for Metamorfoze. 1:1 checks, daily targets, test batches, and other items are described in detail by the verification process. This ensures the proper execution of the Metamorfoze project.

4Digital files

GMS processes the material based on the type of material. During this processing, the indexing and structuring of files will be very carefully monitored. Upon completion and in consultation with the client, GMS returns the materials together with the digital files.

Metamorfoze in theory

Strict requirements for digitization, scanning, and verification go hand in hand with the Metamorfoze programme. The Dutch Royal Library ensures the highest possible quality in collaboration with the executing party. GMS meets the highest quality requirements through the use of colour cards, 1:1 checks, and special targets.

Metamorfoze in practice

GMS has been involved with the Metamorfoze programme from very start. To maintain the quality of the digitization, GMS developed special internal procedures. According to an employee of the Royal Library: “GMS is an organisation that is very capable of digitizing according to the requirements of Metamorfoze.” Even now, GMS is currently digitizing archives in several Metamorfoze projects.

Metamorfoze digitization

Experience is very important when digitizing at a Metamorfoze level of quality. During the past years, GMS has digitized various collections according to Metamorfoze requirements. Thanks to the experience and the optimization of the digitization process, GMS can currently perform routine digitizations in accordance with the Metamorfoze Light image quality criteria. GMS is a proven specialist in the digitization of these collections according to this quality level.

Do you wish to receive more information about the Metamorfoze programme or the digitization of documents in general? You can always contact us and receive information about the possibilities.

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