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A treasure trove of slides resides in many archives and companies. Old pictures, historical events, or elegant buildings were long ago captured on slides. We cannot allow these images to vanish over time.

Our roadmap for the digitalization of slides


Before GMS digitizes the slides, GMS will sum up what the expected end result should be. As for the source materials: what kind of slides are they, what is their format, what are your wishes and requirements. These are questions that need to be answered before GMS starts with the digitization of the slides.


After the inventory step, one of our specialist photographers will start to configure the digitizing equipment by switching it to "slide digitizing mode", in a manner of speaking. GMS works with in-house developed digitizing equipment in order to achieve the perfect quality. The photographers can then focus on colour, resolution and file format.


After configuration, the specialist photographer starts to digitize the slides. For each slide, an assessment is made of how to achieve the best possible colour quality, sharpness, and depth. Working in this way ensures the optimal result.

4Image processing

After the digitization of the slides, our specialist processes the slides. The correct image format, names and other attributes will be added. The post-processing post processing will also check the complete file.


The information kept in slides has, unfortunately, very limited accessibility. Viewing the slides becomes more difficult, because of ageing of the slides and viewing equipment. By digitizing the slides, the images and information have been recovered!

Slide digitization is a specialism in itself. GMS excels in the digitization of slides and has a wealth of experience in this area. You need to pay attention to the vulnerability of the source materials and the quality of the result. GMS works with the right equipment and always with great care. This ensures optimal preservation of slide quality.

Professional digitization

The digitization of these slides requires a professional working methodology and knowledge of the material. During digitization, GMS focuses on slide image quality. We do not provide standard solutions, but instead aim for the best quality per slide.

Because we select the best resolution and apply colour correction, the digitized output is gorgeous with excellent image quality. This is why the fine details in the slide will be visible again. We even change the colour density and other characteristics of each slide in order to obtain the perfect balance.

Experience in the digitization of slides

GMS can make digital files from negatives, slides, and even glass plates. For years, we have been of service to small and large organisations. We do this for, among others, BMW and the Ministry Of Defence.

Because of our experience, among other things, GMS has optimised its working method throughout the years. The images have now become accessible to everyone.