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Microfilm, microfiche & aperture cards

Although the validity of microfilm and microfiche is undisputed, this form of archiving clearly has its limitations when it comes to digital availability. This makes digitization an interesting option. Whether it is a small or large collection of microfilm, GMS can scan and digitize it for you!

Our roadmap for digitization

1Project plan

Before we start the digitization process, we inventory the collection. We discuss the wishes and requirements in detail. We involve our specialists in the process, all of whom provide their input based on their respective disciplines.


After making inventory, we draw up a project plan tailored to the project at hand. Each project is different and so is every project plan. This will be done in consultation with the client.


After the approval of both parties, we will start digitizing. GMS supervises the digitization by doing either a random check or a 1:1 check. GMS has developed an integrated checking procedure to prevent the occurrence of digitization errors


The digitized files will be edited and incorporated in a report according to the wishes and requirements of the client. The source materials will be returned on the agreed-upon date together with the digitized files.


Thanks to extensive experience, GMS knows better than anyone how to deal with vulnerable microfilm. More than thirty years ago, GMS started as Groenendijk Microfilm and Services. GMS has been placing documents and drawings on microfiche for many years now. We do this for organisations, museums, and institutions. Therefore you can confidently entrust the scanning of your microfilm to us.


Many heritage institutions, but also many businesses as well, still have large collections of microfiche. The sheets are not easy to consult due to lack of good equipment. That’s a shame, because these sheets often contain essential information regarding architectural or personnel data. Digitizing these sheets provides you with a source of information. Digitized microfiche are not only accessible everywhere, but also high quality.

Present day

Have you chosen to have your records digitized? GMS is a specialist and others—including BP, TATA Steel and various regional and city archives—have also chosen us. GMS offers you the highest possible quality through its digitization and image editing. Do you have microfilm that you want to scan and digitize? GMS is happy to do it for you. Feel free to fill in our contact form and let us know about your requests and requirements regarding the scanning of your microfilm.

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