The digitization of books requires a specialism

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Books and handwritings

Many books and old handwritings contain predetermined knowledge and science. Because of that, books are the base of reference work and research for our contemporary society. When you want to digitalize your books or handwritings, you came to the right place.

Experienced digitizer of books

GMS is involved with the digitalization of books and handwritings for the most diverse organizations for years now. The way we digitalize your books and handwritings depends on the format and state of your book collection.

We digitalize for universities, scientific organizations and cultural institutions. We do this with our self-developed digitalization equipment.

Digitalizing bound material?! GMS gets the job done!

For the digitalization of bound books we use special equipment, so we can create a qualitive, high valued result. We develop and optimize this equipment daily.

As one of the only digitalization parties we meet the strict Metamorfoze requirements of the Royal Library. GMS can also digitalize diverse archive. We use specialized machines for this that we develop and realize these every day.

Scientific publications

For diverse universities and scientific organizations like TNO, GMS digitalizes publications and books. We focus on nothing but quality! As quality player we focus on the best image quality and the best OCR. This ensures that you can really do something with it!

We digitalize these publications in two ways: bound and unbound. In case of the latter we cut the books, so the digitalization goes faster. Is your book not unique? Then this is an option for you!

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